Danshar (1963) Ltd. is one of the leading marketing, manufacturing, import, trade and distribution companies in Israel with over forty years of activity in the local market.

Danshar is promoting dozens of International brands, supplying optimal marketing channels to brands that are seeking to extend the horizons of their business and markets.

The company operates from its advanced, modern 9,000 sq. m. headquarters and logistics center from where products are supplied to over 3,400 sales points through a well-organized distribution network operated by a fleet of vehicles and supported by an advanced manufacturing facility.

The company has 713 employees.

Paving the Road to Success

Danshar is committed to building market leadership by providing customers our best practice policies, better values and services of the highest standards. We develop focused, breakthrough marketing platforms for new brands without compromising the leadership positions and market perception existing brands already enjoy. The brands we market benefit from our proven experience of over forty years and their success is our success as well. We relentlessly strive to succeed through market innovation, development and leadership.

A Team of Success

Danshar boasts a working environment of unique quality thanks to the professionalism and skills of our capable personnel. Our employees are the cream of the crop, experienced professionals that make our impressive achievements possible. We value the importance of teamwork and training in building our strategies and achieving our goals. Reliability, stability and keeping up with the industry and new trends are values we practice that define our business approach and help us expand into new areas of activities and advanced technologies. We strongly believe that preserving corporate tradition and values while looking for new horizons, keeps us a step ahead of the competition.