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Danshar Group, owned by the Barak family for over five decades, has gained a vast and comprehensive experience in promoting, marketing and logistics handling across all retail market channels in Israel. The Group provides services to international and local companies and brands in the fields of personal care, home care, food and cosmetics.

The Group consists of the following companies:

Danlog-Intercosma – Expert in logistics solutions, distribution and production of private label in the field of cosmetics.

Danshar (1963) – A marketing, trade and sales company with a proven track record of successful operation and partnership in building leading international and domestic brands.

Dansell – A sales company specializing in all sectors of the private market. The company provides a nationwide and comprehensive solution to the unique needs of customers in the field.

Business Partners

Gil Carmel Agencies & Distribution Ltd

The company Specializes in marketing and distribution to private stores and retailers in the DIY sector, office supply and camping equipment. I. GIL also markets to large professional bodies such as the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, hospitals and municipalities.

SC Johnson Israel Ltd

SC JOHNSON – The Israeli representation of the company’s world’s leading household cleaning and storage brands, including Ride, Glade, Toilet Duck and many more other brands.




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