Pop It Up with Pop Star!

Pop Star keeps heating up the popcorn world with irresistible new flavors.

Packed with essential dietary fiber, Pop Star snacks are a smash hit with all the family. You're only ever a few minutes away from delicious popcorn!

Choose from the chart-topping Pop Star selection:

• Instant microwaveable corn kernels that pop into an aromatic crunchy snack, available in natural or butter flavor.
• Our new line: ready-to-eat popcorn in a variety of savory, sweet, and surprising flavors – natural, sweet 'n' salty, caramel, and caramel-peanut.

Pop Star – the ideal go-to snack for a between-meal treat, or to munch while you enjoy a good movie.

There's nothing better than sharing the fun with friends and family!

So just open a bag of Pop Star – and press Play!

A range of multi-flavored popcorn products for microwave preparation. All Popstar products are made of natural products, do not contain cholesterol and are rich in nutritious fibers.
With Popstar products you can prepare fresh and tasty popcorn in only a few minutes.

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