Ultimate Lithium Batteries - The World's No. 1 Battery

Ultimate Lithium Batteries developed by Energizer are the world’s longest lasting AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices.
These batteries were designed specially for high current devices such as CD players, digital cameras, GPS units, special flashlights and others.
The batteries perform in extreme temperatures from -400C - 600C.
Lithium batteries last up to 8 times longer than Energizer MAX batteries however the results may depend on the type of device.

Allkaline Batteries

Energizer’s Alkaline MAX batteries were designed for a large variety of energy-consuming devices and applications: toys, flash lights, cameras and others. Energizer designs and manufactures products using the most innovative technologies with emphasis on the highest levels of performance.
Energizer’s Alkaline batteries are No. 1 in the world - and are sold worldwide.

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