It all began with a bar of soap and a pair of bicycles

More than forty years ago, Avner Barak, the founding father of Danshar began a journey that led to exceptional success. Working as a messenger for a small advertising firm, Avner found himself one day without a job and with a crate of soap bars as compensation for his last wages. Living up to his reputation for being resourceful he set out with his wife Ruth to sell the soap bars from his bicycles – and the rest is history.

Over the years Avner’s ground-breaking creative approach led him to unprecedented
success – Danshar, a company that markets, distributes and manufactures a wide variety of internationally popular brands.

Presently, the Danshar Group is a market leader in the Israeli and International marketing and distribution markets. With Avner’s children following in suit as the company’s chief executives, Tal and Ron Barak manage the company in the visionary spirit of their father, adhering to the code of ethics and with the same degree of decency and responsibility that were the foundation of our success and remarkable achievements.

In 2010 a merger between Danshar and Intercosma, a public company traded on TASE was completed. The group, comprised of Danshar, Intercosma and Danagis, consolidated their activities and began working together as a public company.